The Fraser Institute school report cards - Anmore Elementary
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Anmore Elementary
30 Elementary Rd
Anmore, BC V3H 4Y6
Phone Number: 604 469-9926

School District: Coquitlam

Report Card for Anmore Elementary
2016-17 Rank361/946
Rank in the most recent five years360/811
Fraser Institute Ranking
School Information
Gr 4 enrollment23
ESL (%)11.6
Special needs (%)6.8
French Immersion (%)0.0
Parents' average income ($)n/a
Actual rating vs. predicted based on parents' avg. inc.n/a
Academic Performance20132014201520162017Trend
Gr 4 avg score: Reading493526489502430
Gr 4 avg score: Writing655606558637481
Gr 4 avg score: Numeracy510543513483484
Gr 7 avg score: Reading514466411466511
Gr 7 avg score: Writing604492565608615
Gr 7 avg score: Numeracy503440430479504
Gr 7 gender gap: ReadingF 11F 9F 79F 43F 10
Gr 7 gender gap: NumeracyM 20F 18F 8F 11F 15
Below expectations (%)
Tests not written (%)6.710.612.112.913.9
Overall rating out of

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